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Welcome to the student-run University of Waterloo Student Seminars. These seminars run every Wednesday (time TBD) and provide a platform for students to learn new topics and present them to others.

Each seminar is a 45 minute long talk. Topics include those in our list of suggested topics and other topics of interest to a general mathematics, computer science, science, or other undergraduate audience. Check out our archive to look at past topics and summaries of past talks (or see the videos below). If you have any questions for us, you can contact us by filling a form on our FAQ page or alternatively asking on our Facebook group.

Speak in Winter 2018

We are currently looking for speakers for Winter 2018. If you are interested in speaking next term, please fill out our talk proposal form. If you don’t have a topic in mind, you can look at our suggested topics, or browse for topics by tag. Make sure you read through the important information for speakers before signing up to speak. We organize dry runs before the scheduled date of the talks, especially for first time speakers, to time the talk and to help build confidence. If you need help with your talk, feel free to ask us for support — we try to help our speakers as much as we can.

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