This talk on Infinitely Awesome Graphs was held on Wednesday October 12, 2016 in MC 4020. The talk was given by Zouhaier Ferchiou.


This talk will cover the basics of dealing with graphs with an infinite number of verticies, focusing mostly on countably many verticies.

I will cover basic definitions of graph theory, Menger's theorem (Only 1 version, don't worry), trees, girths and chromatic numbers briefly for people not familiar with the terms. We will then jump into the sweet stuff, defining teeth and spines, local infinity, rays...

I will then present (and prove some) quite useful theorems and lemmas, including <q>de Bruijn & Erdos theorem</q> and <q>Star-Comb Lemma</q>. Finally, we will talk about Universal graphs, the Rado graph and why they are cool.