Write Talk Summaries

Talk summaries can be written in Markdown. Currently, the flavor of Markdown we use is Julia flavored markdown.

If you are already familiar with Markdown, here are a few of the specific details about Julia flavored markdown:

  • Enclose inline math like ``x = \frac{a}{b}``. We support a large amount of LaTeX, including the AMS math libraries.

  • Enclose block math using

x = \frac{a}{b}

If you are not yet familiar with Markdown, or you wish to learn more about Julia flavoured markdown, consult the documentation of Julia flavoured markdown.

Uploading Talk Summaries

You can submit talk summaries to any of the organizers, or directly submit a Pull Request on GitHub. We store summaries in this folder of our GitHub repository. Currently, we also have to modify the schedule file for the talk summary to show up. Please name the new file according to the convention of the summary folder.


We highly recommend that you read the example talk summary files to get an idea of the expected format. The recommended examples are:

  • Koosha Totonchi, Game Theory

  • Fengyang Wang, 2D Linear Algebra

    This one is actually a document, not a talk summary, but is a good example nevertheless.