This talk on Voting with Homomorphic Encryption was held on Friday December 2, 2016 in MC 4020. The talk was given by Sidhant Saraogi.


In light of the recently concluded Elections or as John Oliver would call it “A horifying glimpse at Satan's Pinterest Board 2016”, “The One who must not be named” has repeatedly insinuated that the elections have been rigged. Our humble aim, present a voting scheme where:

  • each voter casts exactly one ballot.

  • voting is anonymous.

We delve into two areas on our way to prove our goal :

  • Blind Signatures, which allow for anonymous voting

  • Pallier Cryptosystem, which gives us the ability to sum up the votes even though they have been encrypted thus allowing the election to be “publically audited”.

We might also, if time permit, talk about more modern systems of enabling fair elections that have even been implemented in real life.

This talk is based off Ron Rivest’s lecture, of which a summary is available.