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Voting with Homomorphic Encryption

Delivered by Sidhant Saraogi on Friday December 2, 2016

In light of the recently concluded Elections or as John Oliver would call it “A horifying glimpse at Satan's Pinterest Board 2016”, “The One who must not be named” has repeatedly insinuated that the elections have been rigged. Our humble aim, present a voting scheme where:

We delve into two areas on our way to prove our goal :

We might also, if time permit, talk about more modern systems of enabling fair elections that have even been implemented in real life.

This talk is based off Ron Rivest’s lecture, of which a summary is available.

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Geographic Authentication Schemes

Users often choose passwords that are easy to remember but also easy to guess. Both textual and graphical passwords have failed to provide a viable solution to this usability-security tension. It thus remains a critical challenge in password research to design an authentication scheme that is resilient to guessing attacks while offering good memorability.

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