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Delivered by Fengyang Wang on Friday February 3, 2017

Some of the most interesting results in combinatorics are generalizations of simple problems or theorems to problems or theorems parameterized by a parameter $q$ (often complex-valued). By taking the limit as $q\to1$, the simple problems can be recovered. Surprisingly, many of these $q$-analogs take similar forms, and are seen across a wide variety of problems that may initially seem unrelated.

Concepts from MATH 239 will be used. It is heavily recommended that people who have not taken MATH 239 or an equivalent course read some material on ordinary generating functions.

A summary of this talk is available here.


Ordinary Generating Functions

This is a reference document on Ordinary Generating Functions by Fengyang Wang. It covers a subset of the material of MATH 239, MATH 249, or CO 330.