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Delivered by Eddie Onochie on Friday February 10, 2017

In this talk we will talk about ordinals and the philosophy of infinity. We will define what ordinals are and how to construct them. We will also define transfinite recursion and use the axiom of choice to give meaning to the "cardinality" of a set.

A summary of this talk is available here.


Delivered by Felix Bauckholt on Wednesday October 12, 2016

In this talk, I will try to explain what ultrafilters are. I will do this by presenting a few motivating examples, and also some examples that, even if they don't motivate anything, are just really cool.

Hyperreal numbers are used to motivate this talk.

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Molecular Set Theory

In 1960, A.F. Bartholomay wrote about a mathematical model of chemical reaction mechanisms using set theory.

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